Saturday, August 1, 2015


I prefer drawing over any other type of art. I also love a good painting. I've come full-circle. I rejected historic painting as boring, staid, a timepiece of the past. For a long time I only ever wanted to see the new, the avant garde, the conceptual... the stranger, the better. Smashed glass, oil, broken objects, found objects... all those contemporary works were exciting to me. Then I went to art school and saw behind the curtain. I can't say it's all bad, but it revealed to me the machinations of thinking about and creating contemporary art (conceptual art) and most of it just doesn't ring true. It's just a playbook. So now I take the time to look at portraits, representational paintings, bronzes and the tradition of the masters (and contemporary masters who work in traditional materials) and shit, y'know what, I find this work more genuine somehow. It may not be (it may be ironic) but I like painting and drawing, so that is what I gravitate toward.

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